Best Anti-Theft GPS Tracker for Cars

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Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars – If you own cars or want to buy it for gifts, this article is meant for you. You might want your car safe from theft, this review is meant for you. If you interesting to buy a Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars, you are indeed the right place. Because trough this post, I’ll offer you the best GPS tracker.

Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars

GPS or Global Positioning System is the best practice to ensure our vehicle from robbers, GPS can find your car location anywhere on earth.

In addition to being navigation, GPS is also useful for tracking if your cars robbed.

Product review

TK905 GPS anti-theft

Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars
TK905 GPS Tracker

Product details

  • Dimensions: 9 x 2 x 7 cm ; 168 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 322 g
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Item model number: TK905

Product safety

Warning: Not suitable for children under 10 years. For use under adult supervision.


  • Real-time tracking, GSM/GPS dual-mode positioning, positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters.
  • 5000mAh ultra large capacity battery, super long standby, charge once can standby for 90 days.
  • History Track Memory: Display 90 days historical route. You can choose to view LBS location data or GPS location data.
  • Electronic fence, Vibration alert, over speed alert, low battery alarm
  • Track the location of the lost or stolen pets, children, the elderly and vehicles.
  • Waterproof design, no need to worry about the rainy days.
  • Others, you can get more function by APP.

How does it work

When you request a location, pls use your phone send locate text command g123456# to trackers, or make a call to trackers. you will receive a location reply with google maps link.

TKSTAR 906 GPS Tracker for bike

Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars

Product details

  • Size:408528mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • GPS Sensitivity: 159dBm
  • GPS Accuracy: 5 M
  • Input: 5 V 1 A
  • Power: 110 – 220 V
  • Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 1800mAh Li-ion battery
  • Standby time: 25days


  • Real-Time 24/7 free, GSM/GPS Dual Mode positioning, the positional accuracy of up to 5 meters.
  • The design is a bicycle taillight, which makes it difficult for the thief to notice that the vehicle is equipped with a positioner. It can also be used as a light when riding at night.
  • Geo-fence, record/save history route, over speed alarm, low power, Track the position of the lost or stolen pets, children, the elderly and vehicles.
  • Call the tracker will receive an instant layer card to your phone/tablet/pc just where the tracker.
  • IPX6 waterproof design, no worry rainy day.

How does it work?

  • SMS Tracking: when you want to know where is your tracker(target), you just need to make a call to the number in tracker; or send the locate command to it .the tracker will reply to you a location with google maps link.
  • Online Tracking: If you also want to track it by App/web/pc, you need to turn on GPRS and to active APN, it is simple to do, we introduce it on instruction.

How to active App?

You need to active it by setting APN . Please send following command to tracker.

  • gprs123456
  • Apn123456 apnname
  • Apnuser123456 username
  • Apnpasswd123456 password
  • There are have one space after 123456

TK915 GPS Tracker anti theft

Best anti-theft GPS Tracker for cars

Product details

  • Standby time: 120 days
  • Size: 4.37 x 3.04 x 1.09 inches
  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Colour: Black
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • GPS Accuracy: 5 m
  • Input: 5 V-1 A
  • Output: 110-220 V
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7 V 10000 mAh

How it works?

Any time you wish to locate the tracker you just need to call or text message to the device. the trackers will reply to your message with a link to Google Maps. If you want to track on web or APP, just open GPRS and activate the card’s APN, then it will work well.


The positives: The tracker seems to pick up a GPS anywhere. I have put mine in the rear tailight cluster to give it a chance at seeing the sky, and the tracker can pinpoint its location to a matter of meters. There is quite a lot of metal surrounding it and it isn’t easy to get to at all, so I’m really pleased in this respect.

The negatives: Not an out-right negative, but the battery is not staying charged for 3 months. I probably recharge this every 3 weeks. The battery runs down from 100% very quickly (alarmingly so), but this is just a misreading of its own battery life. Once below 50% it lasts a while. Another point is that it takes a long time to charge. I use a 2A Samsung charger to re-charge the tracker, but it clearly only accepts a small charge.

The most important aspect of this tracker is to be trackable from anywhere.

Bestanti-theft GPS Trackerfor cars

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