Upcycle bottles to make Salt and Pepper shakers

salt and pepper shaker

Why throw out what you can re-purpose?

When my husband brought home these Long Island mixed drinks I was really impressed…with the bottles. The glass is thicker than an average bottle…I could not just throw them out or recycle them. There had to be a way to use these bottles in a practical way.

Then it occurred to me – Salt and pepper shakers!

I love buying quirky things for my home and I love getting or making things that you don’t see every day. My entire life, my grandmother Mary collected salt and pepper shakers from everywhere. I remember she had a wall full of them and they all looked so interesting and I wanted to play with all of them, but that was unheard of, of course. I think that salt and pepper shaker collection is at least part of the reason why I am drawn to ‘out of the ordinary’ things. Making these bottles into salt and pepper shakers was right up my alley!


1. Wash both bottles well with lightly soapy water, being really careful to not get the labels wet if you plan on leaving it intact as I did.

2. Rinse the insides of the bottles and their lids three complete times to make sure that there would not be any leftover soap residue in the bottles.

3. Dry the bottles upside down for a couple of days. Make sure that their lids are right side up so that they aren’t holding any water.

Caution: I can’t speak to the safety of melting plastic and I’m sure that some people will be against it. The alternative would be to use a drill with a tiny bit or a Dremel tool with a tiny bit. Either way, you don’t want big holes, you want holes that are smaller. I chose to melt my holes into the lids. To be safe, I melted mine outside. Also, use extra caution when working with an open flame.

4. Heat up the prongs of a metal fork (I used the flame from my gas stove, but you could use a candle flame, campfire, etc.) making sure not to burn yourself. You may find that you need to hold the fork with an oven mitt, but it heats up pretty quickly so you won’t be holding it in the fire for long and your handle may or may not get that hot.

5. Placing the plastic lid on a foil covered pan, push the hot fork prongs through the top, slowly-wait a second or two before pulling it back out. Our first try didn’t come out perfectly because we tried to do something other than an X. We ended up with a lot of holes on that one, so we made it the Pepper lid.

6. Repeat with the other lid.

7. Once completely cooled, sand off any un-even borders to the holes.

8. Wash and dry the lids again.

9. Fill the bottles with salt and pepper respectively using a funnel.

10. Enjoy.

How do you re-use things around your home? We’d love to hear your ideas!